Portland Diversity in Tech

In 2015, 23 tech companies in Portland signed a pledge to improve diversity in our industry, agreeing to “5 Actions” that would bring about change. The fifth action is “Share our collective data” on the demographic representation of our offices in the Portland metro area on the basis of race and gender.

Earlier this year, the pledging companies took part in a survey to gather baseline data on key demographics that will support our measurement of progress. The results are provided below and will be essential in guiding meaningful work on diversity and inclusion initiatives, and in tracking our progress.

Compared Across Portland's Workforce

Data recieved from a report prepared by DHM Research

Diversity By:
  • Men
  • Women

2016: Survey Data

Diversity By:

Technical position

Non-technical position

Leadership and Management


New Hires Since the Pledge






Person of Color



This survey is made possible because of support of the Portland Development Commission (PDC). As the city's economic development agency, PDC is focused on increasing access to prosperity for all Portlanders. PDC has been an active partner with the tech industry in the TechTown Diversity Pledge.